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Jeep Rental | Returning the Jeep


So you’ve had your fun in your Jeep Rental! Now it’s time to return it. If you’re one of those folks that are returning to the airport, this page describes the vehicle return process so you know where to go. It gets a bit cold here in the winter so if you’re rental was during our winter season, you’ll just drive up to departures area and go over the last step listed below. Of course, if it is the Summer/Spring/Fall season and you prefer to return at the terminal, that’s OK too.


On the day before you are scheduled to return the vehicle, we will contact you to go over the details of returning it. At that time we will determine what time you would like us to be at the airport and whether you prefer to meet at the parking lot (explained below) or right at the terminal. We want the return process to be convenient for you but also want to respect other passengers who are traveling in and out of the airport as well as the airport property.


When coming into the airport, stay in the right hand lane and follow the sign that says ‘Terminal’. The road will curve left and then right through a round-about.


After the round-about, move into the left lane and follow the sign that says “Parking”.

Stay in the left lane and turn left at the sign that says “Premium Parking”. Collect a ticket from the gate. Do not lose the ticket. We need that. At this time a representative from Rocky Mountain Expeditions will have seen you.

The first row on your right (touching the sidewalk) has signs for handicap parking and others that say ‘No Overnight Parking’. Please park in a space the front that is NOT a designated handicap space. If the first row is full, you can pull up to the white exit sign and park in the next row. If it is full, our represntative will help you with finding a parking space.


We will then do a quick walk around the vehicle where we will make note of the mileage for our records, do a quick walk around the vehicle to inspect for any damage. If all is good, you’ll sign a piece paper designating so and be on your way. The process doesn’t usually take more than 5 to 10 minutes.