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Bozeman, Montana from the Bridgers

So you have found yourself in Bozeman, Montana and wondering what to do.  Well, we’ve put together this visitor’s guide to Bozeman, written by locals, to help you do a little planning.   Chances are high you landed here with plans to visit Yellowstone National Park, Montana State University, get in some fly fishing and enjoying a ranch stay.  If it’s winter, you’re probably here for some skiing at Big Sky Resort.  Although, they do have A LOT of activities in the summer as well.  

We get a lot of questions from guests who rent Jeeps from us, asking about what to do in town.  The usual scenario is that you have 1 or 2 days during the start or end of your stay where you have decided to see what is here.  We have put together this  guide to help with activities and things to see while you are here that help showcase our little city.  If you see something here that peaks your interest, or if you are renting from us an would like more information,  and you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Quick Facts

  • founded in 1864 and named after John Bozeman
  • Population: ~50,000
  • located in a valley called Gallatin Valley.  
  • located in Gallatin County
  • located 80 miles from the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park (driving distances)
  • located 80 miles from Main entrance of Yellowstone National park (driving distances)
  • located 40 miles from Big Sky Resort

What we like about Bozeman

It took about 2 minutes for my wife and I to decide to move to Bozeman.   At the time, Bozeman was a little different.  It wasn’t as “big” as it is now.  We were initially going to drive past as we were headed to Big Sky but decided to pull off on Main Street.  One of the things we loved was the lack of “options.”  There really wasn’t much here at the time past 19th street.  A lot has changed in the last few years, but we wouldn’t trade it.  We are very happy to be here.  The biggest appeal is just how quickly we can be in wilderness.  With just a short drive you can be at a trailhead, away from the town and feel like you have an entire forest to yourself.

The appeal to being in town, and the size of Bozeman, everything is generally 5 to 10 minutes away.  When we are asked for a good hotel to stay at that is close to  the airport, we generally say “everything is close.”  It’s rare to be out and not run into someone you know.

Things to do in town


  • Museum of the Rockies – The museum is on the campus of Montana State University.   The halls flow as a journey through time where you can follow the different era’s of evolution until you get to modern times.  There is a large dinosaur exhibit.  There is a min hall that usually houses a travelling exhibit.  Check their website for details on what is going on.  They also have a planetarium.
  • Gallatin History Museum – One of the things I love about Montana is that it feels (still) very close to history.  This museum offers a look back into the early days of Bozeman and Gallatin county.  It is fun to look at pictures and then walk downtown and see some of the same building facades.  This museum is very close to downtown.  It would be a great place to visit and then take a troll through downtown for food and shopping.
  • American Computer & Robotics Museum – An amazing museum that explores our technological past and inspires our future.  Sounds a little corny, I know.  But you have to experience it to understand.


  • The M Trail:  The M that you see on the side of the mountain can be visited.  The header image on this page was taken from there.  You can see a little bit of the M if you look to the right hand side. On a clear day, you can see clear across the valley to all the mountain ranges around us. If you feel adventurous, there is a path that takes you straight up, but if you just want a nice hike, there is a more ‘mellow’ path up as well.  You will stop a few time s on your way up to think “This is a pretty view.”
  • Drinking Horse Trail:  This trail is right across the street from the M. It’s a little more mellow and the views are to the north through birdger canyon.
  • Fairy Lake:  This is a great place to go in the Jeep.  You can e a long dirt road up to a mountain lake.  From there, you can hike Sacajawea peak or take a hike down to the lake.  One is easier than the other, I’m sure you already know which.  Greath place for a picnic.
  • Hyalite Reservoir – There is a large recreational area just south of Bozeman.  The reservoir is a popular destination but, as you drive up, you will pass trailhead after trailhead.  A great place to spend the day hiking and having a picnic.
  • Lewis and Clark Caverns:  Truth be told, Lewis and Clark had nothing to do with this cave system.  A really fun place to visit and take a guided tour of the caves.  This isn’t in town but if youare staying in Bozeman and want to venture out, this is a good place to go.

Places to Eat

We’re working on this.  If you find yourself in town and need some recommendations on places to eat, give us a call.

Places to Stay

We’re working on this too!  As mentioned above though, everything is close.  If you are looking for a place to stay give us a call.  We’ll explain what is where and that can help you decide based on what is around each hotel in town.

Did we miss something?

If we missed something or if you are a local business  that wants to be included, be sure to contact us and let us know!