Jeep Rentals for Bozeman, Big Sky and Yellowstone

Montana Field Research


Our Jeep Wrangler Car Rentals Make the Perfect Research Vehicle


Montana is great place for field research. Given many of the remote locations for certain studies, it is often beneficial to have a vehicle capable of reaching those locations and transporting equipment. We recently had research teams from the University of Wyoming and Utah State University, use our Jeep rentals to survey in the Beartooth wilderness area.

“Over the summer of 2018 our research crew from the University of Wyoming and Utah State University archaeologically surveyed several locations in the High Lakes region of the Beartooth wilderness of Montana. Our research focused primarily on prehistoric landscape use in the alpine regions of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Attempting to understand why, and for what reasons and varying durations did prehistoric populations return to these isolated dynamic ecosystems. The nature of our research involves long multi-day stays in the alpine wilderness, where often, horseback transport is needed for hauling our equipment and gear in and out of such conditions. Working in such remote locations transport often requires a large portion of our research budget, but working with Rocky Mountain Expeditions Jeep rental, where roads were available we were able to make cheap, efficient shuttles into and out of the backcountry without the expense. Not only were they friendly and enthusiastic of our project and the location of our research, but, their only requirement was to take pictures of our trip and of their Jeep in action. Without the use of Rocky Mountain Expeditions rental services large portions of our summer 2018 field season would not have occurred. Thank you for all your help, enthusiasm and continued support! We are already looking forward to next season.”


Things you may need to know:

  • You must have all the necessary permits,licenses, etc
  • We do the driving to ensure that the environment and vehicle are taken care of. We want to disrupt as little as possible.
  • You aren’t responsible for any damage to the vehicle above the deposit.
  • If payment is being made through a university or government agency, allow time for rme to set up as a vendor


Please contact us if your need more information about using one of our Jeep car rentals on your next research expedition.