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Yellowstone National Park Guide – Planning your trip

Vacation in Yellowstone National Park | Advice from a Local | Rocky Mountain Expeditions | Car Rentals | Bozeman, MT

Yellowstone National Park is enormous.  It’s about 3,500 square miles.  Here are Rocky Mountain Expeditions 98% of our guests visit the park.  We hear a lot of wonderful stories about the experiences our guests have who have rented Jeeps from us and we love to hear them all!   Everyone is amazed at everything they saw and are sad that they didn’t have more time.  For many, they end up visiting us again the following year to continue their adventure.  


Because of the vast size of the park, with so many places to visit, we have put together this list to help you prepare.  This particular guide isn’t a “where to go”, but advice on what to bring with you and how to plan.  We do offer advice on where to go and what to see but this is more a check list of things to do before that.  

1. Rent your vehicle NOW. Do not wait.

It happens every year.  Car rentals will be scarce or run out.  It will be very hard to find a vehicle if you wait until the last minute.  Car Ride services like Uber won’t get you down to the park.  Rental car lines get very long and it’s just another wait before getting on your trip. So, when is the best time to book a rental car? If you want to avoid the lines, give us a call or reserve your Jeep now.
Rental Car Line at Bozeman Airport | Rocky Mountain Expeditions | Jeep Wrangler Car Rentals | Bozeman, MT

2. Pack a warm jacket

The temperature in the park changes drastically from day and night.  Even in the summer.  So if you plan on staying in the park towards the evening hours or in the park during the early morning hours, have something to keep you warm.   And if you don’t think you will be in the park during those times, remember that wildlife are generally more active during those times.

Yellowstone Temperature Changes | Rocky Mountain Expeditions | Bozeman Jeep Wrangler Car Rentals

3. Buy your entrance pass early

You can purchase your entrance pass online by visiting

The lines to get in can be very long.  Especially in the summer. Being able to speed up the entrance time to the park will get you on your adventure quickly.

Long lines in Yellowstone | Rocky Mountain Expeditions | Bozeman Montana Jeep Wrangler Car Rentals

4. Download the Yellowstone app

Yellowstone App | Rocky Mountain Expeditions | Jeep Wrangler Car Rentals | Bozeman, MT

5. Download your maps for Google or Apple maps

Cell phone coverage is limited in the park. and the surrounding areas.  Make sure that you have the area maps downloaded to your phones.

Download maps for Google or Apple maps | Rocky Mountain Expeditions | Bozeman Montana Jeep Wrangler Car Rentals

6. Review the map of the park and circle the places you want to go.


You can download the map from here.  We suggest downloading it to your tablet and having it handy.  You will get a paper map as well when you enter into the park.  But this will allow you to plan early and your eyes will already know where to go when you  get the paper one.

Map of Yellowstone National Park | Rocky Mountain Expeditions | Bozeman Montana Jeep Wrangler Car Rentals


Want more tips?  Make sure to give us a call after you reserve your Jeep and we will help whereever  we can.  We are happy to live where we do and enjoy sharing it with our guests.  Feel free to give us a call at 406-530-5337 if you want to chat.