Jeep Rentals for Bozeman, Big Sky and Yellowstone

Filming in Montana


Get to Your Film Location In One of Our Jeep Wrangler Car Rentals


Our Jeep Wrangler car rentals provide the perfect vehicle for film crews looking to film on location in the mountains of Southwest Montana. Some of the reasons for renting our Jeep’s include:

  • We have a vehicle specifically for filming.
  • The Jeep can be modified to allow for specific rigging and shooting angles (see pictures).
  • We offer Unit Driver service.

Other things you may need to know:

  • You must have all the necessary permits,licenses, etc
  • We do the driving to ensure that the environment and vehicle are taken care of. We want to disrupt as little as possible.
  • You aren’t responsible for any damage to the vehicle above the deposit.
  • If payment is being made through a university or government agency, allow time for me to set up as a vendor.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our rental services for your next film project.